Jules Bee is the founder of Sea Of Bees, An American multi-artist, Producer, Singer and Musician. Jules had recorded for the first time in their life at the legendary Hangar Studios in Sacramento, Ca with friend and Producer John Baccigaluppi (Tape Op). He gave them a free space in the B Room to make “The Bee Eee Pee,”  Their first release of Sea Of Bees “Song for the Ravens and The Bee Eee Pee, was signed and put out by a Davis, Ca record label Crossbill Records in 2010. Song for the Ravens UK debut release was with record label Heavenly Recordings in 2011. Orangefarben  was released in 2012 and put out by Teamlove Records in New paltz, NY. Third record “ Build a Boat to the Sun,” was recorded at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, Ca. The record was put out by UK label 3Loop Records.  Jules has worked and played along with friends and artists such as Little Wings, Granddaddy’s Jason Lytle, Fruitbats Eric D. Johnson, Andy Cabic of Vetiver, Kera and the Lesbians, Y La Bamba, Tre Burt and so many other close buds. Jules has been living in Sacramento, California. 

“Sublime debut from honey voiced alt.country siren.” Uncut Magazine 

“Self-described as freak-folk, the Sacramento native mixes woozy vocals with guitar, that in the case of The Woods possesses a sound, on-the-surface not too dissimilar to Joanna Newsom with raised-pitch, skewing vocals adding a naive or slightly child-like quality.” Q Magazine 

“One-woman band turns ache into wonderment.” Spin Magazine

"If I had to sum her up in a sentence, she’s sort of a female Sparklehorse. Her music is rooted very much in folk and rock but wildly experimental; some crazy, beautiful, wonderful sounds on her new album "Songs for the Ravens." On my top 10 for the year.” Robin Hilton, NPR radio host 

"Took me about 50 seconds — the length of the woozy, haunting intro to “Marmalade” — to completely fall for Sea of Bees, the nom de tune of Sacramento indie-popper Julie Baenziger. Her debut album “Songs for the Ravens” sounds folky in some places, gauzy and ambient in others and twee as hell in still others, but beautiful throughout, and a potent reminder that emotional virtue is an artist’s most precious commodity. This one’s special, folks, let’s not screw it up." -Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands LA, LA Weekly 

“I’m not entirely sure why I love this album so much... ...That which I cannot put my finger on, is the mysterious, wonderful, and addictive qualities of this album as a whole. Bravo to Jules and her Sea of Bees.” -Jason Lytle (Grandaddy, Admiral Radley)